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Moon journal entry #8
Ah, feels good to be back with these, So my all the pokemon ive caught besides petilil, jigglypuff, and brionne have evolved! feels good, mom is even impressed at my pokemon!
ive caught a pichu, happiny, and a zubat!
So my journal as been under the couch all this time, I was wondering where it when to, thats the reason i havent been writing anything
Ive grown more attached to slowbro, she's so dopey, its adorable
tsareena has been awesome, she likes working out outside, shes been trying to make brionne loose weight, im not stopping her, I'll let her do her thing!
P.S Figure out how to get sun stone for petilil
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Moon journal entry #7
I Finally got my journal back from those stupid team skull grunts
They wrote over this weeks pages, i cant read anything they wrote.
so basically steenee evolved into tsareena and slowpoke evolved into slowbro and the rest of my pokemon leveled up
My relationship with lille is getting better!
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Moon journal entry #6
So turns out theres over 800 pokemon, then how come theres only 300 here? hmph, well at least there are cute ones here..
One of my buddy's from a different region sent me some pokemon, a lickilicky, cubchoo, minun, and a combee, there all pretty cute, im a little scared of combee
Team skull stole my slowpoke, but i got her back, those bonehead's I swear, they said slowpoke was super powerful . . . Have they seen its stats?
Steenee learned stomp, I heard it needs to know that to evolve, but im not ready to evolve her just yet
petilil has been pretty normal today
Corsola and Mareanie have been playing alot,
Jigglypuff loves playing with brionne, she inflates for her and lets her play on her inflated body, Guess there best friends
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Moon journal entry #5
So popplio finally evolved, Its now a Brionne, its so cute now! plus it can move again! im so happy, and jigglypuff likes Popplio's new evolution, Lille likes it too!
Hau got me a fish tank for corsola and mareanie, there pretty cute together, they dont do much, but there underwater creatures so yeah..
Steenee seems to like working out, I dont blame her, if I had that big of a butt i'd want to work out too!
Petili is starting to play with the other more, im happy she is, and I learned she evolves with a sun stone, or at least thats what hau says
I caught a slowpoke, but she stays outside, Mostly to relax in the sun
I think today was pretty eventful!
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Moon journal entry #4
So steenee wears clothes now, lille got them for her, its like a track uniform, you know, tight sweatpants, a tight shirt, the normal stuff, it looks adorable on steenee!
I think lille has been taking my advice, she's been eating a little bit more each day...
So me and lille decided to inflate jigglepuff the most we could without hurting her, she got to around the size of an exercise ball, popplio played with her until she deflated, is was so cute, I might do it again
Update: We did do it again, we got her to grow a tiny bit bigger, turns out she floats amazingly when she's big, popplio loves jigglepuff when she's big, so jigglypuff has started to inflate for popplio
So I caught a Petilil today, She doesnt do much.
Popplio is still getting fatter...
So me and lille we're at the beach when we saw a corsola wash up, I took my chances and I caught it,  also there was a mareanie trying to get it as well, I caught it too, I need to get a fish tank if i want to let them out, i'l
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Moon Journal Entry #3
Ive been training bounsweet, I got her to evolve into a steenee, i think thats how you spell it anyways, its got these like petals around its butt, dont know why but iI wont question it.
nebby has been getting along with my pokemon, I want whatever nebby is, eh who knows, I might get one someday
Popplio's belly has gotten huge, she cant move, so lille's been moving her around when she wants food or water
Jigglypuff has been pretty normal, other than it floating its been pretty normal.
[My team so far]
Popplio, Level: 15
Jigglypuff, Level: 12
steenee, Level: 18
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Moon journal entry #2
So I was caught starring at lille's butt, I couldn't help it, she's adorable, maybe she'll get used to it, plus she wears that tiny dress, also I told her she needed to gain weight if she wants to look pretty, I got slapped, but I think she'll take my advice..
I tried inflating jigglypuff, it was a success, I blew into her mouth, not a lot but enough to see the growth, Lille likes jigglypuff, she says if she ever becomes a pokemon trainer she'll want jigglypuff as her starter, that lille, I swear, shes something alright.
Popplio is getting fatter, lille doesnt seem to mind popplio's weight..
So I was messing around on the wonder trade thing, I got this pokemon named bounsweet, I honestly have no clue what it is, but it has 2 evolutions, so yay for that, i'll train my popplio and bounsweet later..
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Moon journal entry #1
So my mother told me to write in the journal while her and the professor are away on their trip, lille is staying at my place, so its just me, lille, and my popplio.
Popplio is pretty adorable, ive been playing with her a lot, mom says I over feed her with the pokèBean things, im just being safe, I mean, im only feeding her 5 times a day, she does look kinda pudgy, but thats what makes her cute, lille thinks shes cute too, despite being a lil' pudgy.
There was a pretty bad wind storm yesterday, after it was over this pink thing was floating by my place.
I decided to throw a Pokèball at it, turns out its a jigglypuff, the dex says its a balloon pokemon, im going to test out if it'll inflate, dont ask why.
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Happy easter everyone, hope everyone has a good day!
Just got my shiny Fomantis, I named her Beautiful! ^w^
I love how DA wished me a happy birthday on Christmas Eve, one week early DA! XD (my birthday is one week after Christmas Eve((new years Eve)) )
Would you look at that! I now have 15 watchers! thanks! im becoming popular!
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So here's my profile, let me introduce myself, Im Randolph! Im into gaming, art, and other things!


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